The Truth Unveiled.......The Illusion Broken


Verily, it is not the eyes

that grow blind, but it is

the hearts which are in the

breasts that grow blind. 


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About this Website

This website has been designed with one purpose in mind, and that is to help Muslims & non-muslims awaken to the reality of the world around them.  Many Muslims are walking through this life in a haze, like blind people unable to comprehend what is happening in the world today and why it's happening.  They believe the lies spewed by the Media, yet they know in their hearts that it is false.  If you are unsure about why the gap between rich and poor is widening, if you are unsure as to why everyone dresses the same, listens to the same music, eats the same food and thinks the same thoughts, then you will find the answers in this site.  Globalisation is a word used to disguise the New World Order's desire to mold us all into a unified 'Blue Jeans Culture' , devoid of anything but the most superficial  understanding of God/Allah and Islam.  Things are the way they are by design and not coincidence.

This website does not have a hidden agenda or motive and is funded solely by myself. The information on this site has been verified by various sources and as far as I know is correct.  I hope that what help provided in these pages will be in my balance on the Day of Judgement.  So PLEASE remember me in your Prayers and your Duaa and tell your friends about the site.

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Born in the 1970's, I lived most of my life in the Gulf.  The next phase of my life began with me travelling to Europe and studying both my Bachelors & Masters degrees in England.  After completing my studies I returned to work in the Middle East, holding Marketing positions in the levant.


However, my greatest success came during the next phase of my life which was spent as a University Lecturer in the Gulf.  It is here that I learnt the importance of Islamic knowledge, and the value of youth. 

During a decade long period I observed a deliberate dumbing down of the students, dictated to the universities and colleges by the Ministries of Higher Education.  This was a policy designed to keep the Muslim Arabic Youth competent enough to work, but too stupid to question their overlords and western masters who were contracted as consultants to the government, and were public members of The Rotary Club & Freemasonry.  

I am still learning and acquiring knowledge, working towards my PhD, but I hope I will one day join the youth, who are our future, and are the soldiers of Islam in the struggle against the Dajjal/Anti Christ and his One Eyed System


"Great work, nicely presented ."

- Nasir J Idrees

"I had no idea about the Khazars history and I've definitly increased my knowledge of the New World Order.  Thank you"

- Mutez Jayousi