The Rothschild Dynasty by John Coleman, book cover


Table of Contents

  1. How a rag and bone merchant became one of the richest men in the world
  2. Mayer Amschel and five sons meet singular good fortune
  3. The Rothschilds gain entry into europe's high society
  4. The walls of Jerico [Frankfurt] come tumbling down
  5. The Rothschilds plunder the five great powers
  6. Benjamin Disraeli: masterspy for the Rothschilds
  7. Inside accounts of the horrors of the french revolution
  8. Bismarck discloses "the high financial powers of europe"
  9. A much overlooked aspect of negro slavery in america
  10. Nathan Rothschild settles French debts
  11. France survives communist onslaughts
  12. Salomon Rothschild shows his financial clout
  13. The League Of Nations: an attempt to establish a one world government
  14. British government treachery betrays Arabs and Lawrence of Arabia
  15. Underhand double dealing
  16. "Perfidious albion" lives up to its reputation
  17. "Triple cross" decides fate of Palestine
  18. Zionists seize Palestine
  19. The Rothschilds establish a central bank in America
  20. The U.S. constitution trampled by corrupt legislators in the pay of the Rothschilds
  21. The Rothschilds thwart the U.S. Constitution
  22. The Rothschilds break open the house of lords
  23. Rothschilds surrogate financed attack on Russia
  24. Some opinions on the Rothschilds, their role in war, revolution and financial intrigues